MAET: Technology Integration at the Cranbrook Institute of Science

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In my experience, teaching can often feel like you are working within a bubble. While you may discuss your teaching practices with coworkers at short meetings, there is little chance during the day to truly share your ideas, including those on effective use of tools within the classroom. To alleviate that sense of isolated teaching, I prepared and sent out a survey to my colleagues at the Cranbrook Institute of Science on how they use technology to support learning. Seven of the educators, or just over half,¬†responded to thirteen multiple-choice questions, and while the sample size was small, there were a few questions where there was a clear consensus which could be useful. I don’t see our workplace as having cutting-edge technology nor do we often consider how to effectively use what we have at our disposal, so I see this survey as a starting point for further discussions on integrating effective tools for learning in our programs.

A detailed analysis of the survey results has been prepared. Graphs displaying survey questions and their responses can be seen below, divided into four sections based on the questions the survey was intended to help answer.

How do we currently use technology in our teaching?

How would we like to use technology in our teaching in the future?

What format of training would best support effective technology integration?

How is informal education changing due to new technology?

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