CEP 810: What’s Your Sentence?


Based off a video from Daniel Pink that asked “What’s my sentence?”, i.e. what is one sentence that expresses what each of us has accomplished with our life? After fifteen minutes reflection, I tried to step back and provide a sentence that is not specific to any one role of mine but encompasses the work I do in general, and came up with: Created new experiences to allow others to create. 

This sentence reflects my role as an enabler, allowing students to find confidence in finding their voice and finding ways to express themselves. Using “create” twice in the sentence is due to my refusal to remain a consumer but also a creator. We already create lesson plans and compelling experiences for our students, but would like to be much more than that. The spark in the image reflects the idea that our teaching is the spark that ignites ready tinder found in our students’ minds. Often students have ideas that are bursting to get out, but just haven’t found the right means to do that, so we provide that outlet.

The other question, “Was I better today than yesterday?”, is a tough one to address. Each day adds a little to the sum of our lives but it is hard to recognize that day in, day out.

I tried to read Pink’s Whole New Mind and gave up after a few chapters. I thought it oversimplified creative vs. logical thought, but I think I’ll go back and give it another shot.

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